Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Taking a turn

So far, this has been all about me. Not that it's immoral. There's nothing wrong with a blog being about the blogger. It could be a dear diary and that would be ok. But I haven't written here in almost a year whereas I've spent lots of time reading other people's blogs. And while many - most - of them, place the author in a good light, the best ones do so by writing about things outside oneself. Or offshoots. Am I about to change my tact completely? I don't know. I don't think I have much of an audience (if you disagree, please let me know), so I could keep this space as my personal therapy and perhaps only the people who arrive via randomizer will read my innermost thoughts.

But today, I encountered a blog that made me want to change that. More about me, it may be surprising to acquaintances who think of me as a free spirit to know that I keep office hours. I am blessed with sufficient work to mandate that I start my day early and continue into the evening. During my years working in advertising agencies, it was easy to justify a 90 minute lunch, but now I rush through it. I even use work as an excuse not to go to the gym. This is just more about me to explain that I do visit Facebook during office hours - before, during and after - but try to make the habit a palate cleanser, like a sorbet between the lobster bisque and the truffle soufflé. So, I was checking out the Facebook feature of people you may or may not know, friends of friends, and encountered a name I'd seen before.

Author, Anjanette Delgado. Have I read her book, The Heartbreak Pill? I'm just catching up on my reading, but now that I visited her website, and her blog, Wise Latina Woman, I plan to. There is an exuberance to her that has me very intrigued, recalling time spent in cafés putting down important thoughts in well chosen notebooks, looking through the foggy window at rainy New York streets in between trance states. The book has received warm reviews and a genre description of "chica lit" that I find very attractive. I'm going to Amazon now and ordering the book. By the time I finish reading Isabel Allende's La suma de los días, my mailbox should be bursting with heartbreak.

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