Wednesday, May 9, 2007

First Blog

The freedom I feel right now, finally breaking through to write this. Somehow I've found myself trapped in a concept, that I can't communicate with people. Somehow, a protective shell has been ripped off my soul, and I tolerate less and less contact while actually, I feel more and more love.

When I sit with a new person, I think about my dear friends with whom I haven't sat in a long while, and think about the easy exchanges, the overlapping outpours that obliterate any fear of silence, just the acceleration of time that makes the sofa bed such a necessity, the hope to have some pajama time together, and how goodbye happens walking backwards, not wanting the contact to end.

I just never know if that new person will become a true friend or if more of my soul rips away in time disappeared politely.


  1. estrellaeguino@yahoo.comMay 9, 2007 at 7:13 PM

    My dear friend, nothing real disappears politely. Aren't you glad you never gave up on me? I'll never forget your initial assessment "Estrella, I have come to realize that you are consistent in your inconsistency." You are great being you and I appreciate and love you very much

  2. My dear friend, Estrella, Star of all realms, I never considered giving up on you. It's always been a privilege to have you as my friend, a real deal True Friend. I love you, Cory