Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Please Comment

Don't be shy. Write something. I want to know you're here. Even if you just say, "I was here". Hey, you can even spam, if you'd like. I just want to know who's out there.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

How to be really me?

I'm feeling a conflict of sorts. I started this blog as a way to unravel my neuroses in a literary manner, to expose my inner self in search of poetry. Then I went and posted my information on that zoom site where people who might hire you can find you. It hit me, that while I'm trying to be real, I may really be providing future clients with tooooo much information. I asked myself, what's most important, deep inside, and the answer is... art. So, I plan to let myself get really gritty but I have to find a more obscure pseudonym than Guru-C, which was my email address for years. For now, I may have to behave as if I were going out for drinks with my co-workers... saying enough so that we can bond and form a friendship, but not so much that I hate myself the next day. Can you live with that? I implore you not to think I'm being fake, just judicious. I challenge you to find "the other me", discussing her frailties and confessing her sins (of the past, of course) somewhere in cyberspace. Here, I promise to be as real as anyone can be with someone they've just met. Read on.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Every day I try to learn something and today, that was about Technorati. What took me so long?
I've typed in some code below so that the spiders can find us.

Well, here we are. Please find us: Technorati Profile

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Looking Forward

Next Saturday, we are celebrating my sister Lisa's milestone birthday. She's younger than me, so I won't say which birthday that is, until we get to know each other better. Lisa is known to all as "The President of Animal House," so of course, we're having a toga party. "Ok," you might think, "I've heard that before." But keep in mind that we're adults, blessed with parents and a big extended family of all ages, and so, place in your mind's eye, a gathering of twenty-somethings to eighty-somethings in Greek garb, laurels and all, pouring mead from a keg of Corona (Does Corona come in kegs? I'm just guessing on the brand.) I'm looking for a Vuitton print for my toga. What do you wear under one of those things?