Thursday, June 14, 2007

How to be really me?

I'm feeling a conflict of sorts. I started this blog as a way to unravel my neuroses in a literary manner, to expose my inner self in search of poetry. Then I went and posted my information on that zoom site where people who might hire you can find you. It hit me, that while I'm trying to be real, I may really be providing future clients with tooooo much information. I asked myself, what's most important, deep inside, and the answer is... art. So, I plan to let myself get really gritty but I have to find a more obscure pseudonym than Guru-C, which was my email address for years. For now, I may have to behave as if I were going out for drinks with my co-workers... saying enough so that we can bond and form a friendship, but not so much that I hate myself the next day. Can you live with that? I implore you not to think I'm being fake, just judicious. I challenge you to find "the other me", discussing her frailties and confessing her sins (of the past, of course) somewhere in cyberspace. Here, I promise to be as real as anyone can be with someone they've just met. Read on.

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