Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Get in the spirit

Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit

When you're looking to transform your life, it helps to have a guide. The person I have always been able to count for health, counseling, and in matters of a personal quest is Dr. Sachi.  

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About Sachi
Sachi is a dynamic advocate of the advantages of a healthy lifestyle and a leader in the art of healing. Fit in body, mind, and spirit, she embodies the theories and practices she teaches.

Sachi began her career in acupuncture in 1983 while living in France. She has been a Board Certified Diplomat in Acupuncture in America since 1987, and an Acupuncture Physician in the state of Florida since 1988.

Sachi has spent her career dedicated to the combination of Eastern and Western philosophies of health and well-being. A Doctor of Oriental Medicine, she has published articles as an expert in the field. Sachi has received many awards including Acupuncturist of Distinction. She has been called on to be interviewed on health issues, such as the cessation of the study on hormone replacement therapy by the Miami Herald.

 Sachi is co-founder of The Four Season’s retreat series. She has an impressive career teaching seminars, leading workshops, and facilitating retreats in America, France, Asia, and the Caribbean.

In the last three decades, Sachi has studied with many great masters and trained in many of the healing arts to better serve the varied needs of her clients.

Sachi is a strong believer in treating the entire being, not just the body. She is a Spiritual Counselor which aids in addressing the Spiritual, Mental and Emotional facets of life when needed.

    Sachi’s private practice offers:
* Acupuncture        * Spiritual Counseling    * De-stressing
*  Body Work         * Physical Therapy         * Facial Rejuvenation
*  Meditation          * Fat Reduction              * Addiction Treatment
*  Past Life Exploration                                 * Herbal / Supplement Consultation
*  Rehabilitation for injury from sports, trauma, and surgery
Sachi carries a full line of Oriental Patents, Chinese and American Herbs, Supplements, Health Aids and Glandulars.

Sachi’s Mission:

"I have been practicing Oriental medicine for 30 years. My interest in yoga and meditation began at 14 years of age. Feeling good, due to optimal health derived from a conscious and healthy lifestyle, has always been my way of life. It is my own experience, continuous education, and the knowledge accrued from 30 years of private practice, that I bring to my patients and students.

"There is a saying, 'Give a man a fish and he eats that day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for life.' I am a health care practitioner who’s desire is not only to cure people of their illnesses but to assist them in their healing. I enjoy educating and giving each individual methods that work for them so that they have the knowledge, tools, and assistance to stay healthy throughout their lives."