Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Full Out Swamped

Just wanted to say that the reason I haven't followed up on my delicious story about meeting author Anjanette Delgado at the Miami Book Fair and subsequently reading the original, Spanish version of her novel "La píldora del mal amor" ("The Heartbreak Pill") is because for the past two weeks I've been writing like a mad woman. Not mad crazy or mad angry but mad on a mission, can't do anything but. Nevertheless, my heart and my conscience brought me here, to say that. I've been working on assignment to produce two articles, both healthcare related, one on the day in the life of a respiratory therapist and another, on the topic of love and health. Will link when they're out (THEY'RE OUT. CLICK HERE). Have to get back. Like the half lives of radio isotopes, halfway through is longer than heartbreak itself. Meanwhile, keep reading!

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