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December, 2008

The Election of Barack Obama: A Victory on So Many Levels

November 5, 2008
How emotional to see people filled with hope, with joy, with pride, to have elected Barack Obama as President. There's so much I want to say about this moment in history, the significance for this child of the sixties sharing the dream of equality. So now, that laureates can pronounce that we have indeed become "A more perfect union," I feel that idealism has become the new realism.
The first person of color elected head of state in the industrialized western world, Barack Obama embodies the ideals brought forth by the civil rights movement. At the same time, he is a man of the new millennium, of the future of this country and of our youth.
As the pundits state, this election was not about race. This election is a tribute to democracy and to what's known as "The American Spirit", that vitality that makes the U.S.A. such a promised land to many. This election is in many ways about Barack Obama himself, his calm steadiness and his ability to inspire.
If you must know, I supported Hillary Clinton throughout the primaries, having long admired her. Nevertheless, the majority of Democrats favored Obama, and having studied his proposals, I turned my support to Barack Obama. Through the debates, my support turned into deep admiration and today, I feel very elated for the U.S. and for the world.

One Million Messages to Obama

This morning I wrote a short note to the president elect, through Avaaz.org. They have a huge wall near the White House in Washington DC, where the number of signatures on our message and personal messages from around the world has grown steadily toward one million. Somehow I feel sure my voice will be heard.To you, the reader, I thank you and urge you to add your voice.

Happy to report that Hy, my second Dad, celebrated his 89th birthday surrounded by family including his first great grandson.  We had an amazing brunch and, well, I'm also happy to report that Hy more than helped with the clean up (although I must confess, I sat around like a queen bee).

I'm very excited to say that Ronald and I have renewed contracts with our clients and are looking at several very interesting projects involving children and the world around us.  It's great to wake up with a rapidly pulsing to-do list.

I dreamed about my beautiful sisters before I woke up today.  I was hugging them, telling them everything would be alright.  That says a lot about the struggles we all face.  

And my friends... As my adorable Mom said on the phone the other day, "Being surrounded by people you like - that's the essence of life."  Some of you are just too far away, and I hope we'll see each other soon in the New Year!

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