Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Great News

Today we found out that we won two big awards for two commercials that we created (to be announced in July). Sometimes, when wonderful things happen, I feel a little guilty, a little unworthy. But this time was different, because I was on my way to change a friend's bandages when we received the call. Now usually, I would not mention such a thing because I'm not a nurse, and really shouldn't, and also, because if I have any altruism, I keep those things to myself. In any event, he took off the bandages himself and I just applied the new dressing. Then, the best thing happened. I checked my email, and found out that my dad does not have leukemia. Yes, my mom emailed me the news, which I noticed while I waited in the parking lot of Publix for Ronald who returned bearing roses and exotic blooms for our vases and offerings. I'd also like to mention that I've been praying a lot lately, but I swear, I had totally forgotten about the awards competition. Prayers answered right and left. Is it OK to say that? We don't know what my dad has that would explain an extremely low white blood cell count, so, I'd better keep praying. Please pray, too.

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