Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trying to Decide

Do I push the send button to buy two tickets to New York so that Ronald and I can attend the Ad Age Hispanic Creative Awards Gala this Friday evening? We don't yet know if we have tickets to the event, so the executive decision here is whether to go regardless or wait until we're sure in order to book. But what if the flights sell out? I luv JetBlue and feel like they love me back. Mijita Evelyn has graciously invited us to stay at her home in Park Slope, and it's been many months since we've seen each other. That grounds me, because it makes the trip more meant to be. The big question is whether I wait for Ronald in order to confirm, or do it myself as a voilá moment. What will he think about a 7:15 am departure out of Ft. Lauderdale? I think I'll wait a minute or two. But let me put it out there; I am visualizing lovely interactions, and the thrill of experiencing New York together. I see us three on Sunday morning sipping Bustelo on the hammock in Evelyn's backyard, crunching on autumn leaves.


  1. Cory, I just found your blog, and want to read more and more! Wow, thank you for the great things you say about my writing & blog -- thank you very very much -- and I hope you keep posting because I'm ready to tune in and read! It's rare to find a blog I like!


  2. Dear Marta, So happy to have your here!!! Thank you for your very kind words and for your beautiful heart.
    Warmest Regards, Cory