Saturday, October 27, 2007

Anti Cult

A recurring theme in my life is my deprogramming. I am of an intense spirituality, a "nice Jewish girl" deeply involved with G-d, intimidated by the orthodoxy required to really understand the K, but loving it just the same, have stepped into other spiritualities, seeking teachings of the Sufi, the Yogi, the Buddha, all adding to my understanding.

For several years I grew into a devotee of a teacher, enthralled in the beauty of her power, knowing i was in the arms of a cult but not caring because of the bliss of the experience, the transformation in me, aware that it was all too controlled,  strange, and incredibly appealing. However, once I realized people were being mistreated, I was out of there, brokenhearted, but seeking the words of kindred spirits and lovers of the

I recently encountered a most captivating blog, a poignancy that wouldn't allow me to stop reading, so astoundingly written, with the softness of autumn leaves on the humid, smoky ground of November. As such, it seems all I want to do is read Marta's work and learn from her insights.

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